Organisation of seminars

Once the measurement instrument has been validated and after its application in Spain we plan to organise international seminars with experts from each of the following geographic areas: English-speaking countries in and out of Europe, Northern and Central Europe, Southern and Eastern Europe. The instrument will be presented to the experts, along with the results of its application in Spain, in an effort to promote its use internationally.

The seminars will take place in 2019, within the last six months of the project, and will be held at the Faculty of Law at the University of Malaga. They will take two days approximately.

Special attention will be given to collecting the suggestions of the different experts on the most effective application of the instrument in their home country and a special encouragement will be given on implementation of the instrument in as many countries as possible. Participants will also explore the possibility of forming multinational teams in order to obtain European or international funding for the application of the instrument in various countries at the same time.