Methodology – Phase 3


Before disseminating the instrument internationally and promoting its use in other countries, it is important to test the instrument in a specific country, which will be Spain.

To do so, each of the items comprising the validated instrument will be distributed among the members of the team, who will gather the information pertaining to the question of the item assigned to them.

  • For the items that refer to rules it will be necessary to study current legislation and case law.
  • For the items that refer to practices it will be necessary to either find official statistics or conduct field work to obtain data not available in official statistics.

Since we expect the instrument will finally have between 20 and 30 items, the largest problems may arise in relation to field works. For these items that require gathering of primary data, it has been proposed that the study be conducted in one main city and in one secondary city, with triangulation of quantitative and qualitative methodology in samples of representative population. The recording and analysis of data must be done using specific data processing software, such as SPSS, Atlas-Ti, etc.

Next phase: Location of countries along a scale on socially exclusonary effects . [read more]