Methodology – Phase 4

Phase4We intend to organise at least one international seminar with experts, who will be grouped in different geographic areas (English-speaking countries in and outside of Europe, Northern and Central Europe, Southern and Eastern Europe). They will be introduced to the instrument and to the results obtained from its application in Spain.

The seminars will take place during this project’s final six months and will be held at the University of Malaga’s Faculty of Law. They will last a couple of days.

Special attention will go to collecting the suggestions of the different experts on how to most effectively apply the instrument in their home country and efforts will be made to promote its effective application in as many countries as possible. Participants will also explore the possibility of forming plurinational teams in order to obtain European or international funding for the implementation of the instrument in various countries at the same time.

As the instrument is applied in more and more countries we will be able to make increasingly interesting international comparisons, and, through rigorous and well-founded arguments, influence the design of less socially-exclusive criminal justice policies. That, however, will be implemented in future projects.