With the overall goal of developing an instrument capable of measuring the social exclusion generated by the criminal justice policies in Western developed countries, the project has set the following specific objectives:

  1. To select, from among the punitive rules and practices that tend to generate social exclusion as identified in an earlier project, those that fulfil strict criteria regarding completeness, extension, easy data access, discrimination capacity and clarity.
  2. To validate the measuring instrument based on the previous selection, using a qualitative and quantitative content method, which involves the collaboration of international experts. This process will bring a significant reduction in the number of items.
  3. To test the instrument by applying it to the Spanish criminal justice system.
  4.  To disseminate the instrument, its validation and the experience of its application in Spain in various seminars attended by national and international experts. The goal is to attain recognition of its usefulness and to promote its application in as many Western developed countries as possible.